The All-in-One Playground for Kubernetes

MIT license "Latest Release" Gitter


This lab project is a playground for you to play with Kubernetes easily and efficiently.

It includes an All-in-One Playground that can launch a single- or multi-node cluster with configurable Kubernetes version and distribution, e.g. standard Kubernetes or OpenShift, on your local machine in minutes in a repeatable manner even without network connectivity!

More cool features will be coming soon… Have Fun!


Below are demos created based on the All-in-One Playground.

Use Dashboard, Grafana, Kiali, Jaeger when run Istio Bookinfo demo app.

Run Kubernetes-related command line tools from both normal terminal and web terminal.

Re-launch Kubernetes cluster and deploy Helm where there is no network connectivity.

Launch API Connect on top of Kubernetes cluster in the All-in-One Playground.

Launch standard Kubernetes cluster and OpenShift cluster on the same machine, then use kubectx to switch context between them.